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WaterNymph Tank Off-Take System - Floating Tank Outlet Pump Suction                                                                                                  

WaterNymph acts as a primary filter device taking the clean, sweet, water from your tank and will markedly extend the life of your of online filters if they are installed as well as protecting pumps and other household appliances saving you dollars and giving you a payback for many years on. Its operation is consistent with Australian Standards HB 230-2006 Rainwater Tank Design and Installation Hand Book -Rainwater Filtration in that it takes the water from just below the surface where water is the cleanest.
Drawing water the conventional way from your water tank means more sediment to damage pumps, clog water filters, clog appliance filters in the home and lower quality water to drink. Sediment in the base of water tanks is the major cause of water pump failure, filter clogging and reduction in drinking water quality. Waternymph features a floating water tank outlet or floating pump suction taking off the best quality water from under the water surface.
WaterNymph comes with a standard 40 mm BSP Threaded Male fitting to thread into tank outlets with threaded outlets. If your tank has a different size outlet we supply a complementary fitting for outlet sizes from 20 mm to 50 mm. Please select your tank outlet size when ordering through the check out.
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