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Alkalising Natural Remineralizing Water Filter Replacement Cartridge
Alkalising Natural Remineralizing Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

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Water & People Alkalising and Anti Oxidant Water Filter Cartridge

. Filtered water enters the cartridge, and alkaline micro clustered, antioxidant negatively charged enhanced water is created.  Filter Cartridge comes with two Speed Fit Quick Connectors

Our bodies naturally produce unstable Oxygen molecules called oxidants or 'free radicals'. Free radicals can cause irreversible cell damage and can leave your body vulnerable to various diseases.
Environmental factors such as pollution and busy lifestyle increase our exposure to free radicals.
The body's natural defenses against these harmful radicals are called Anti Oxidants.
Anti Oxidants help reduce the dangerous effects that free radicals have on your body.

ORP- Oxygen Reduction Potential
The ORP reading is an indicator of how bio-available and bio-absorbable a product will be in your body.
The lower the test reading, the more ions are available for your body's metabolic functions.

This filter is ideal for Alkalising and Remineralising Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water
and can be added as a Post Filter to most other Bench Top and Under Sink Filter Units.

Testing results*
Reverse Osmosis Water
pH                 ORP
6.5                 +441

Testing results Alkalising Water Filter*
                                    pH         ORP
1-3 Months                  9.5         -180
3-6 Months                  9              -90
6-9 Months                  9              -40
9-12 Months                9              -25

*Results will vary depending on inlet water quality.

Filter specification:
11 inch inline filter
Components: Natural Anti-Oxidant Minerals, Activated Carbon
Lifetime: 5,000L - 7,000L
Maximum pressure: 100 PSI
PH levels: 8.5 - 9.5
Maximum ORP: -350 mV
Maximum Flow: 1 Litre/minute

Made in Korea.
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