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Benchtop Water Filter Unit comes with all Fittings and Fluoride Pre-Filter

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Fluoride Removal Pre-Filter Including Housing & Fittings

Suitable for as an extra Fluoride Pre- Filter with the Ultrastream.

The normal Ultrastream  Filter removes up to 70 % of fluoride, the fluoride pre-filter removes up to 70% and together they remove up to 90% of the fluoride from your water.


Installs in line between your water source and your Ultrastream.
'Quick Fit' fittings mean no tools required.
Just cut your present in-line hose where you want the prefilter to sit, and connect to the prefilter.

A five minute job and then no more fluoride.
  • 1 x Fluoride Filter Cartridge
  • 1 x Pre-filter Casing
  • All connecting tubes needed
An optional bracket is available to mount under sink for UltraStream UnderSink Installations.
Replace filter cartridge every 2,500 liters (around 6-8 months)

How it works

Activated Alumina is manufactured from aluminium hydroxide by dehydroxylating it in a way that produces a highly porous material; this material can have a surface area significantly over 200 square metres/gram. The compound is used as a filter of fluoride, arsenic and selenium in drinking water.

One of the effects of using this filter medium is that it may leach some aluminium in the water even though it removes the fluoride.

So when using Activated Alumina you should always get at least a two stage water filter. The second stage will contain a form of activated carbon that can take care of any eluted aluminium.

Provided you maintain them with correct replacement intervals, your Ultrastream will filter any possible aluminium eluted from the fluoride filter.
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